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Curse Behind The Birth Of Lord Hanuman

Curse Behind The Birth Of Lord Hanuman

Lets read an interesting incident behind the birth of Lord Hanuman. This incident of Lord Vihnu and Narada is derived in the Vishnu Purana and Naradeya Purana.

narada ape face

Narada wanted to marry a princess. So, to impress her, he wanted to look as good as Lord Vishnu. He went to lord Vishnu and requested Him for Hari-mukh (Face resembling Vishnu). Hari is another name of Vanara (Ape) also. So, Vishnu bestowed him with the face of an ape. Unaware of this, Narada went to the princess. Seeing Narada’s ape like face, she burst into laughter.

Narada felt humiliated and cursed Vishnu that one day Vishnu would be dependent upon an ape. Vishnu replied Narada that he intentionally gave him because after entering into matrimony, Narada would undermine his powers. Vishnu also told him that Hari is another meaning of vanara (ape).

Listening all this, Narada regretted on his action. But Vishnu told him not to regret as the curse would act as a boon.

In Treta Yuga, this incident lead to the birth of monkey-face Lord Hanuman. Without the help of Hanuman, Lord Rama (Incarnation of Vishnu) could not kill Demon King Ravana.

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