Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Greed is a vice

Long time back, there used to live a man named Vikram. He never helped anybody by anything. Even his mother died because of hunger.


One day, he went to market for buying some fruits. He started bargaining with fruit vendors. Feeling that the cost is very high, he decided to go to a farm and steal fruits so that he could get them free of cost. He climbed the tree and got some fruits. He in the greed started ascending the tree and tried getting more and more fruits. Suddenly he slipped and hanged from a branch of the tree, which was pretty high from the ground.
Fortunately a mahout (Elephant master) was passing near by. Vikram shouted for help and offered him half of his property in case mahout saved his life. In greed for Vikram’s money, he went with the elephant near to Vikram. He stood on his elephant and tried bringing Vikram down. Meanwhile, the elephant saw the near pond and it went away to drink some water leaving the mahout hanging on to Vikram. Mahout begged Vikram to hold the branch tightly. To the relief of them, they saw a ghudsawaar (Horse rider) passing by. The mahout shouted to him for help and offered his elephant in return of favour. Ghudsawar, in greed went to help them. The horse too took the way of the elephant. Ghudsawar too hanged on to mahout.
Ultimately a farmer saw the three men in tragic situation. He ran to arrange a ladder and saved the lives of three.
“A greedy man not only destroys himself but also others.”
“One must never be greedy. Because of greed, people act foolish.”
“People must help each other with love and affection, but not for money.”

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Understand good intentions of your parents

Once there was a sculptor who used to create the statues of Lord.

After finishing his statues, he used to show them to his father for the feedback. But his father always found his statues faulty and asked him for the improvement. Son tried harder and made the statues with full devotion, dedication and hardwork but his father never satisfied with his creations.
Out of the frustration, he thought an idea. He created a beautiful statue and buried it in the ground. After some time, he dug it out and shown to his father and said that he found the statue hidden in the ground. His father was amazed with the beauty of the statue. He said, “Son!! You should make your statues like this.”
His son said with pride, “Father, I’ve created this statue!”. His father became sad, “From now on you will never improve. I used to scold you about your statues so you would always try to do better. Your hands won’t improve beyond this point now” he explained.
Moral of the story
“Understand good intentions of your parents.”